Our featured electric scooters


The TROTRX scooter is a very high quality scooter with real multi-faceted performance: off-road, downhill (DH), urban, electric or not.

"The objective was to develop a product close to downhill mountain biking, economical, suitable for everyone and at all levels of practice with a minimum of maintenance."

From year to year and thanks to the "TERRAIN" feedback from rental companies and users, we are developing our TROTRX scooters for more efficiency, comfort and pleasure.

Downhill scooters (DH)

The TROTRX range of Downhill (DH) scooters is undeniably the best on the market thanks to the legendary knowledge of Christian Taillefer for this discipline.

"Designed to withstand all shocks, great care has been taken in the geometry and finish of the scooter for family use as well as for extreme and/or intensive use.

All terrain electric scooters

We equip our scooters with an electric kit developed in collaboration with our subcontractors. You have the option of equipping your scooter with one or two drive wheels, depending on the rider's weight, the gradient and/or the type of terrain and even the season because in the snow the two-wheel drive kit is formidable. efficiency. By using our Trotrx electric scooter, you will practice a motorized sport offering thrills with a very low impact on the environment.

"TROTRX electric scooters are really pure happiness."

TROTRX urban scooters

You will move around town comfortably upright and with a natural position, ideal for protecting your pelvis and your back. With your feet parallel and without perspiration, you will no longer hesitate to maintain an elegant outfit while moving for daily and/or occasional journeys thanks to your Trotrx scooter. You will support the trend towards sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility.